Wednesday, 30 January 2008


My first baby step into the world of blogging. It never occured to me (actually it did, and I knew it, but for now let me fly on this cloud huh?), - I could do this, just like everyone else! I'd always believed blogs were either for philosophy, work updates or sob stories, it always seemed to be part of the outermost circle of my life. Reading a friend's blog would be such a task, after countless conversations of constant plead to read their blogs. Even if I did type the url and waited for it to load, I would run through it and let it pass by just as how I would pass a traffic signal (I come from Bangalore, India!).

I'm a student of design, a student of visual communication design, design research and innovation are part of this menu - - - and having this dominate my world, I didn't even venture into reading a blog?
I know, for me to read this now after typing the last few lines out, sounds scary. Well I did it. Yes I know. At least I'm trying now ain't I?

After so many failed attempts at starting a blog, and actually updating it, just as how my brain updates all the apparent useless information; I'm starting off with the ever curious and absolutely vulnerable noob status. To be very frank after all this typing it doesn't really sound all that bad.

So to noob's like me all around this world and other worlds and to myself - Here's to blogging!