Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I'm a rainbow too.....

IMG: Cheeky Cherub - Mira Malhotra

Sing along sweet munchkin.....

I remember when I was in my foundation year, we were *forced* to do this excercise - hate lists - personally through the year I was just lazy, but post that one fate afternoon with an overdose of the not so nice side of me (biological reasons) the day I penned atleast 294 hates and was surprised - I am so ignorant. Not like I've done too much to change my status - I've just learned to accept it and live with it....atleast for a bit. So I've been writing hate lists for a long time now. They numbers aren't so shocking but the things I've been pulling out lately all seem to have an underlying pattern.

So, in this post I type - all the weird things - I do - in all states of my very volatile mind and see if there's anything that even makes the slightest sense either with hate lists, ignorant me or just ANYTHING - maybe even you.

Blog Posts - Begin on notepad and finish on notepad - Ctrl + C === >>> Ctrl + V

Daydreaming - Usually in the heart of a conversation with another poor soul being passionate about something that doesn't even get me to respond in appreciation or disinterest.

Disbelief - In most things that are 'everyday' - I know I look 14, am 20 but still believe I'm a good dose of a shot of 6 and 29!

Love & Hate relationship with almost everything - Mobile phone, my new shoes, idiots, ten faced monsters, high pitched voices, cliche - CLICHE, laze & crib syndrome and the bored.

The Sense Making system - I wouldn't want to call it eve's dropping (I am ignorant, remember?), but phrases from arbid conversations around me - and the final mash-up of all stories which would probably give Bollywood/Hollywood or any wood for that matter a shot at fame!

The book reading mishap - Everytime I take a book to read either at a coffee shop, on a bus ride to my studio, or even in my house (not in my room) - the moment an "interested & curious" intellectual walks by to see what you are so doused in and ruins the whole conversation with the book by starting another LAME conversation with almost no connection.

Gestures - I love throwing my hands up and around as I speak, speak to a poor lost traveller trying to tell him to move off the pavement and it's not for people to walk around in my City. From the action of an "almost slap", the smacking your forehead when someone ELSE is being stupid, the I need to use to restroom expression and a little finger dance to go with that act, spanking the naked non exsistent ass of a 16 something girl, the pulling out of the mobile phone even if it didn't ring or vibrate, at a traffic signal, and my absolute favorite of all - the half hearted 'I almost squished your boobs' hug!

The power of the "woman" - She can actually make herself live with the most disastrous relationship in pure belief that's he's the LOVE - the madness of denial at it's peak - not always just because this misused word called LOVE, but just so that her beautiful bubble of dreams even if not true burst - even if it's just in her head!

The dumb barking dog - Something so fun about this very friendly creature - our best friend - especially when he/she chases you for a whole mile and a half trying to sing along with your loud bike engine!

There's so much more....and I will keep typing them down on NOTEPAD and putting it up on the blog!

Till then let the meditative smog take over your lungs as let the almost roses fragrant your head......

Monday, 11 February 2008

CO - what?

I was just looking at some of the photographs I'd taken over the last year and a half - and I should say I'm more than surprised at the way I've looked and captured COntrast & COlour!
Will write more in the next entry....